Our story starts here

In 2012 I decided to quit smoking and I was looking into various alternatives. After giving it much thought my decision was to try switching to e-cigarettes. So, I went online and started looking through various websites that offered somewhat the same products but they were all under a different name, their use was different explained, and their benefits were differently described. So I wasn’t sure what should I get and where to buy it. I didn’t know which site was legitimate and which wasn’t.

The day my e-cigarette arrived I immediately knew I had just started a new chapter in life - I felt free! I started jogging again, and I felt better. My clothes finger and hair weren't smelly anymore. My wife was glad to kiss me whenever she wanted because my breath wasn’t bad anymore. I knew I mad a good decision because my life had changed for the better. I have not had one puff of a cigarette since that day.

An idea was born

From this not-so-easy experience of buying my first e-cigarette online and my previous experience in the e-commerce industry, I knew that buying e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories online should be better organized. So I decided to start a company that would be a trustworthy and safe place for people to buy genuine products and learns about vaping. I wanted to share helpful information for beginners and provide quality customer service.

Friends and family could see how e-cigarettes had changed my life and saw my passion for this company. So when I asked my brother Justin, my friend Nikki, and fellow entrepreneur John to join me in starting FitVapes.com, they said yes without hesitation. And thus the FitVapes team was born!

Our vision

Our vision is to bring change to your life. We want FitVapes to be much more than just an online store for you. We want to be your friend and support group as you make this change in your life. No matter if you need encouragement one day, have a question about a product, or simply need advice, we are here for you!